“This has been a rough year, agonizingly hard for our students, their families, and school staff. COVID-19 has been unsparing in its impact on what it means to be a student. Our students and families are amazing; they are finding ways to keep at it despite a year like none other. I appreciate how our teachers, principals, and staff have developed new ways of teaching and supporting students, with special care to our most vulnerable students.

It is times like these that Portland comes together to support our kids. We know that the health of our community and our students’ futures depend on strong, vibrant, and resilient public schools. I am intent on leveraging all our state and community resources to help our students recover and thrive after this unprecedented year.

I support opening schools for full-time, in-person learning this fall–with health and safety investments–as this is where students learn best. Also, I will prioritize funding supports for our students to make up learning losses, close learning gaps, and accelerate learning through summer school, enrichments, and added academic, counseling, and social-emotional supports.

While our schools face many challenges, together we can come back stronger, more resilient, and more innovative to deliver on the promise that every PPS student will receive an education that prepares them for their future. I hope to have your vote by May 18th.”

Julia’s immediate priorities include:

●Safely reopening schools this fall for full-time, in-person learning

●Supporting students making up and accelerating academic gains following the pandemic year

●Creating more equitable outcomes for students of color, special education and emerging multilingual students, by providing more teachers, counselors, and academic supports to improve and deliver equitable outcomes

●Bolstering confidence in public schools after significant pandemic-related enrollment drops

Julia Brim-Edwards | Portland School Board