Brim-Edwards hasn’t just righted the ship—she’s plugged its hull and bailed the water out of steerage.” – Willamette Week, 4/28/2021 Editorial Endorsement

“Voters could not ask for a better advocate for Portland’s students than Brim-Edwards and should re-elect her for another term.” – The Oregonian,4/28/2021 Editorial Endorsement

“This last year has been one of the most challenging years in history for students, faculty and area residents. Having a seasoned, reasonable and intelligent leader like Brim-Edwards is a blessing and she deserves another term.” – The Portland Tribune, 5/6/2021 Editorial Endorsement

Governor Barbara Roberts
County Chair Deborah Kafoury
County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson
County Commissioner Susheela Jayapal
County Commissioner Sharon Meieran
County Commissioner Lori Stegmann
Lolenzo Poe, former PPS Board Chair
Michelle DePass, PPS School Board Member
Julie Esparza Brown, former PPS School Board Member
Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read
Mike Rosen, former PPS School Board Member
Bobbie Regan, former PPS School Board Member
Pam Knowles, former PPS School Board Member
Doug Capps, former PPS School Board Member
District Student Council
Nathaniel Shue, PPS Student Representative to the Board of Education
Parker Myrus, Benson High Rep, District Student Council
Rob Nosse, State Representative
Stand for Children
For Our Children’s Future
Ginny Burdick, State Senator
Lisa Zuniga
Jaime Lim
Joyce Cresswell
Dick Cherry
Dan Saltzman
Lori Brocker
Shay James
Diane Rosenbaum, former State Senator
Jeff Barker, former State Representative
Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner
Richard Devlin, former State Senator
Diane Harder
Jose Olavarrieta
Mary Crouse
Allison Couch
May Chang
Ann Gerson
Paula McCullough
Leonard Cogan
Kim Osgood
Mike Roach
Van Troung
Angela Uherbelau
Deb Miller Landau
Joya Menashe
Mike Radway
Liz Capps
Judi Charman
Courtney Wilton
Sonja Grove
Patty Urbanick
Darcy and Karl Mundorff
Susie Silva-Strommer
Ed Harndon
Jason Trombley
Caroline Fitchett
Lyn Bonyhadi
Shanna Brownstein
Cathy Epley
John Blackwell
Virginia La Forte
Dalena Bradley
Sharie Lewis
Mara Cogswell
Paul Rosenbaum
Tom Brim
Paul Kelly
Sara Matarazzo
Bill Rutherford
Tammy Carpenter
Richard Black
And many more….