A school board on track: Editorial Agenda 2017

From 2017:

“At the July 7 meeting, the board briefly recessed so that members could privately discuss a proposal to name two vice-chairs instead of one. That discussion should have taken place in public and likely violated open-meetings law. Brim-Edwards, who took over as chair at the following meeting, reinstituted a practice in which the general counsel sits with the board and can more easily intervene and advise directors on their responsibilities under the law. She also arranged for public meetings and records training for board members -unpaid volunteers who may understandably be unfamiliar with the requirements.

There’s a lot more that needs to be done, of course. And if the past is any guide, there are plenty of unforeseen obstacles lying in wait. But for the first time in years, board members seem to be pulling together for the same goal. That, in itself, is solid progress.”

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